Introduction and timeline

Introduction and timeline

Company History

The parent company of Interceramic, USA, Internacional de Cerámica (I.C.S.A.) was founded in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1978 by Oscar Almeida and his family. Today, Oscar’s son, Victor Almeida, is the Chief Executive Officer and President of both companies.

During the first two years of business, Internacional de Cerámica produced 13 million square feet of ceramic floor tile and wall tile. Today, we are capable of producing over 250 million square feet of tile in our Mexican and U.S. operations, and we are known as the largest manufacturer of glazed floor tile in North America.

Interceramic has always strived to provide superior-quality products and customer service. Victor welcomes you to our organization and invites you to join in maintaining our long-standing tradition of providing superior quality products and services to our customers.


Interceramic relocates their US corporate office and national distribution center from Garland, TX to Carrollton, TX


Interceramic launched a new corporate brand identity, repositioning the brand in the US Interceramic opens two state of the art Flagship Showrooms in Dallas and San Antonio


Interceramic celebrates its 35th Anniversary in Mexico and its 20th Anniversary in the USA. 2013 Interceramic announces the 86,000 square feet expansion of Plant 9, “9b”, in Chihuahua, Mexico. This new facility increases our capacity which brings our current total manufacturing capacity to 500 million square feet annually.


In October of 2010, Interceramic announced its first ICC (Interceramic China) franchise showroom in Foshan, China.


Interceramic opens two new distribution centers in El Paso, Texas and Ontario, CA. These openings allow the company to warehouse and move product more effectively to our existing branches and enable the company to plan future galleries in strategic locations. In September of 2007 Interceramic opens a new gallery in Kansas City, Kansas. In October of 2007, Interceramic acquires International Marble Collection (IMC). IMC now becomes Interceramic Marble Collection. This acquisition includes facilities in Dallas, Texas, and Fort Worth, Texas. Also, in October of 2007, Interceramic proudly opens the most modern facility of its kind with a production capacity of 7.5 million sqft a month, using the biggest kilns around the world manufactured in Italy by Sacmi.


Interceramic opens a gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The Company celebrates the opening of our newest manufacturing facility, Plant 8, in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico. After more than 26 years as a manufacturer in the ceramic tile industry, we now have eight manufacturing facilities in four different complexes; three located in Chihuahua, Mexico and one in Garland, TX U.S.A. This new facility increases our capacity by 25%, which brings our current total manufacturing capacity to 400 million square feet annually.


Interceramic celebrates its 25th Anniversary in May of 2004. The San Diego, CA. Gallery opens in June of 2004.


Following Interceramic’s culture of integration between Interceramic and its subsidiaries, all C.T.I.’s changed their names to Interceramic Tile & Stone Gallery.


Interceramic opens a Gallery in Anaheim, CA. Interceramic holds its second Leadership Conference for managers and supervisors in the spring and summer of 1999. C.T.I. opens a location in Scottsdale, Arizona in April and a location in Tulsa, Oklahoma in September. Interceramic, USA celebrates its fifth year of production in the United States in November.


C.T.I. opens a location in Albuquerque, New México. Interceramic holds it first Management and Leadership Conference in the summer of 1998.


Interceramic opens the 240,000 square foot warehouse facility and training Center. A new kiln for wall tile trim production is opened in September 1997, increasing production capacity to 2,040,000 square feet per year. C.T.I. opens a location in Phoenix, Arizona and a location in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In June, Interceramic announces that it is building a new 240,000 square foot warehouse facility alongside its 262,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas. Within the warehouse facility, a new training center is planned. C.T.I. opens a Service Center in San Antonio, Texas. This warehouse facility acts as a distribution center to C.T.I. branches in South Central Texas. An additional C.T.I. location is opened in Austin, Texas.


In December, the Garland plant is expanded, doubling its capacity to 36 million square feet. Interceramic’s total production in México and the U.S. now exceeds 250 million square feet of tile per year. C.T.I. opens a Service Center in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. This warehouse facility acts as a distribution center to C.T.I. branches throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.


In November, Interceramic begins manufacturing large body wall tile in Chihuahua, México. The total capacity of the large body wall tile facility is 36 million square feet of tile annually. C.T.I. opens a new store in Plano, Texas and also opens a second store in San Antonio, Texas.


In January, two more kilns are added at I.C.S.A. Interceramic is now capable of producing 150 million square feet of tile annually. (Interceramic is now acknowledged in the industry as the largest manufacturer of glazed floor tile in North America.) In July, Interceramic announces that it is entering the wall tile market by building two new wall tile factories with the ability to produce the complete range of wall tile sizes. One factory is located in Chihuahua, México and the other in the Garland, Texas. Six additional C.T.I. locations are acquired - three in Atlanta, Georgia and three in Houston, Texas.


Two new roller kilns are added at R.I.S.A. Total installed capacity reaches 120 million square feet with 85% of the Company’s total production being produced on equipment not more than 2 years old. C.T.I.’s fourth facility opens in Fort Worth, Texas.


In September, a new manufacturing facility in Chihuahua opens call R.I.S.A. (pronounced ree-sah). It opens with 2 fast-fire jumbo kilns with an annual capacity of over 25 million square feet. This same year a new state of the art research and development center is built in Chihuahua. The R & D center is the most sophisticated ceramic tile laboratory in North America. A third C.T.I. facility is purchased in San Antonio, Texas. Interceramic begins replacing the original kilns installed in 1979 with more modern and efficient kilns in its I.C.S.A. facility. The total installed capacity is now over 70 million square feet.


The Non-Compete Clause with Laufen ends on January 1, and Interceramic is established in Dallas, TX. This move marks the first time that the Company had entered the U.S. market in an aggressive way. Because very few tile distributors are aware of Interceramic, the opening theme is “The Best Kept Secret in the Tile Industry”. In January, the first Ceramic Tile International (C.T.I.) store opens in El Paso, Texas. The second C.T.I. store opens in July 1988 in Carrollton, Texas.


In July, Interceramic does its first public offering of stock on the México City Stock Exchange. 1985 The IAC operation in Tulsa is sold to a Swiss-based company called Laufen in October. Due to a Non-Compete Clause, Interceramic agrees not to expand sales in U.S. until January of 1988. At the Chihuahua facility, a new double-layer kiln is added. This new technology enables a single kiln to handle equal the capacity of two kilns. This brings our total installed capacity in Chihuahua to over 45 million square feet.


The Almeida family opens a plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma called International America Ceramics (I.A.C.) to service the growing U.S. market. The Tulsa operation begins with two 1 channel roller kilns and an annual capacity of just over 16 million square feet. Later in 1980, the Chihuahua facility is expanded, adding 2 additional kilns and thereby bringing its annual capacity close to 30 million square feet.


Production begins in May with one 15 channel roller kiln with an annual capacity of 6 ½ million square feet. In December of that same year, a second kiln is added, bringing the annualized capacity to 13 million square feet. Production begins in May with one 15 channel roller kiln with an annual capacity of 6 ½ million square feet. In December of that same year, a second kiln is added, bringing the annualized capacity to 13 million square feet.


Interceramic opens 200 miles south of El Paso, Texas in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico by the Almeida Family. Interceramic operates as part of the Cencor Group, a prominent Chihuahua-based family-owned corporation.

Corporate Video

Corporate Video


Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

To provide our customers in North America, the most innovative, high-quality ceramic tile and related products and world-class customer service by employing a highly qualified team, innovative sales strategies, and an efficient technologydriven distribution network.

Vision Statement

To be the best manufacturer of ceramic tile and related products in the world, providing our customers with total satisfaction through commitment to our values of respect, loyalty, humility, and integrity. We will dedicate ourselves to working responsibly, communicating effectively, and working together as a team. We will create high value for our shareholders through effective leadership and strategic partnerships, employing the best people, the best technology, and distribution systems worldwide, thus being Simply the Best.

Values Model

We recognize the value of every individual by promoting diversity and accepting different behaviors, thoughts, and styles.

All employees must feel a sense of belonging to our organization. This will be a part of our personality that will continue the essence of our company.

Being open to the ideas of others contributes to making us all better individuals through flexibility and adaptability. As we become better individuals, we develop better teamwork with our fellow co-workers.

Being honest in our thinking as well as in our actions and having a consistent behavior with what we say inspires others to trust us.

Operations Philosophy

Communication should be direct, honest, open, and positive, ensuring that all the team members are updated on all information.

We must keep our commitments and take action in accomplishing them. These commitments must be aligned with goals and strategies of our company.

Participation in our daily work will generate respect and trust among our coworkers which will result in the integration of efforts and the cooperation to achieve common goals.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Message from our President of the Board and CEO

All decisions and activities of a company and its employees must be aimed at the satisfaction and needs of society, above the interests of an individual or external to the company’s well-being and of the countries in which it operates. The Code of Ethics is not only used to establish guidelines, values and principles but also it is a reflection of who we are and what we want to be.

This Code of Ethics sets clear and precise rules governing our acts as employees of INTERCERAMIC, as well as the relations with our clients, coworkers, suppliers, competitors, authorities and society in general.

The behaviors that are described below have been based on our model of values and our operations philosophy in order to serve faithfully, honestly and responsibly to those who trust in our work and to those with who we assume the commitment to perform our operations efficiently and according to the principles of corporate social responsibility.

I invite you to know these guidelines, to read them carefully and to recognize the importance to living them in our daily actions which is consistent with the reason for being Simply the Best.

Víctor D. Almeida García
President of the Board and CEO

Download Code of Ethics

Our People

Our People

Our people are, without a doubt, our most important asset. Teamwork in the fulfillment of responsibilities has favored excellence in customer service.
In a healthy and ethical environment, each and every member of the Interceramic family is committed and motivated to face any challenge.

Socially Responsible Company

Socially Responsible Company

As a company, we are very aware of the importance of actively participating in the activities of every community in which we operate and we address this involvement with specific development programs that are sustainable and non-dependant. As a Socially Responsible Company, we have focused our involvement in four specific areas:

Work Environment
Preservation of the Environment
Involvement with the Community

Vida Digna

Vida Digna

Vida Digna is a foundation established by in collaboration with Fundacion Alfredo Harp Helú, A.C. in 1995 to provide health and education assistance for the children who live in the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua. To this date, over 1,000 children have been able to attend school at the shelters that Vida Digna supports and have received the medical services they deserve.



Interceramic is educated on the latest technology available for the production process. The newest manufacturing plant, which began operations at the end of 2007, has the largest continuous ball mill in North America; its one-of-a-kind spray drier was designed to maximize production efficiency. The kilns of this new plant are the largest in the world today measuring 220 meters in length with a 2950 mm channel width.

A closed-circuit system in its presses provides great flexibility to make size changes according to market demand.

Interceramic has world-class Information Technology by Oracle, which enables it to provide a solid foundation for company operations and growth.

Distribution System

Distribution System

Interceramic is well recognized as one of the most innovative ceramic tile manufacturers in North America with a unique distribution system of more than 256 franchised stores throughout Mexico and 13 company-owned showrooms and wholesale stores in the United States supported with an investment of more than a 170 million square feet of inventory.

There are over 40 independent distributors in the US and Canada with over 150 points of sale altogether. In order to provide excellence in service, Interceramic has three major distribution centers in the United States in Garland and Houston, TX and in Santa Teresa, NM

We now have operations in China and Central America in Panama and Guatemala City.

C-TPAT Certified

C-TPAT Certified

In addition to Interceramic’s achievement of BASC (Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition) certification, which guarantees that all precautions and security measures are taken during every export operation of our products to the US to promote a drug free society, officially as of 2007 Interceramic has also earned the C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification.

Today, Interceramic is recognized in both Mexico and the United States as a stellar performer in the Supply Chain Security and Customs Compliance. Interceramic is well recognized as being a manufacturer, shipper, supplier, exporter and importer with high regard for security and therefore has advantages when crossing foreign borders including expedient processing and movement of cargo.

Quality Innovation and Service

Quality Innovation and Service


The Quality of our product is present in every step of the process from raw materials in manufacturing to the delivery to our customer’s location.


It distinguishes us and provides us with a competitive advantage over our competitors; it allows us to offer state-of-the-art products and service in the current market.


Our customers must receive exceptional products and service. Our customers are the key to our success.

Interceramic Corporate Video

Interceramic Green

Interceramic Green

InterceramicGreen Squared Certified

WithGreen Squared, eco-friendly product specification is now more efficient &consistent.

Inaccordance with our commitment to maintain a harmonious relationship with theenvironment, Interceramic embraces even superior standards for our products bybecoming Green Squared Certified.

Today, all of Interceramic manufacturing facilities in Mexico and the U.S. areincluded in a Third Party Audit process then reassures architects and designersthat our products meet the industry’s green standards. Choosing Interceramicproducts for sustainable projects is simple, just look for the Green Squaredlogo.

GreenSquared (ANSI A138.1) is the industry standard for sustainable tile & tileinstallation products. This new all-encompassing multi-attribute standardcovers environmental product characteristics, responsible productmanufacturing, packaging and raw material extraction, end of product lifemanagement, progressive corporate governance, and innovation.

Byseeking out Green Squared Certified products, specifiers can put together totalsustainable installation systems.

GreenSquared Facts

Green Squared encompasses a full range of products within an industry and made a standard for sustainable choices more identifiable.

These products have met unique ecological criteria in several different facets of production in order to become Green Squared.

The Green Squared logo can be recognized in several different categories of the tile industry, certifying many aspects of installation.

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Memberships and Affiliations

Memberships and Affiliations

Interceramic proudly belongs to the following institutes and associations:

TCNA – Tile Council of North America

NTCA – National Tile Contractors Association

USGBC - United States Green Building Council

CSI – Construction Specifications Institute

MIA – Marble Institute of America

ASID – American Society of Interior Designers

WFCA – World Floor Covering Association

IIDA – International Interior Design Association

INAMC – National Association of Minority Contractors

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