Benefits of Tile:

Let’s start with our favorite furry floor critics, the pets! You can’t pick a product for your home without taking these four-legged friends into consideration. Fortunately, tile is more than up for the challenge when it comes to being scratch-resistant, but it also helps keep pet dander at bay.

Your pets are family members, and they deserve to reap the benefits of tile too.

Porcelain and ceramic tile surfaces are hypoallergenic, meaning they contain no allergens. Nonporous porcelain or ceramic surface doesn’t harbor allergens in the environment such as dust mites, dirt, pollen, pet dander and mold spores.

While some nonceramic flooring materials trap these irritants where they may be difficult to remove and/or become airborne and recirculate in your home, they merely settle on a porcelain or ceramic tile surface, where you can wipe them away.

Did you know that 67% of American homes include a pet? That means not only are pet-friendly floors ideal for you but, they’ll be equally appealing for potential buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Other major factors that make tile floors a favorite for our four-legged friends:

Even the most well-behaved pets have accidents from time to time. From water bowl spills to tracking in mud, tile is one solution that holds up against moisture even if you aren’t able to clean it up right away. You’ll never have to worry about it causing major damage to your floors and knowing it’s even easier to clean in turn makes this a huge win for pet owners everywhere.

Dogs and cats shouldn’t have to worry when play time rolls around but if your floors are built to withstand the scrapes and scratches of their tough nails, then any sort of pet-traffic can be worrisome. Unlike other fragile options, tile is a strong and protective option that is made specifically to prevent wear and tear under these conditions over time.

Perfect for pets of all ages and those of us who love them, porcelain and ceramic tile makes for a worry-free home that’s comfortable and beautiful for years to come. 


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