What is dcof?

When it comes to tile and natural stone on the floor, slip-resistance is a main consideration, especially in bathrooms or industrial installations. The new method, titled the DCOF AcuTestSM, determines dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) with a sophisticated instrument called the BOT-3000, a type of tribometer specific for flooring applications.

DCOF Ratings

DCOF, or dynamic coefficient of friction, is a measurement that determines how much friction there is on wet, level floors when walked upon.

The results of DCOF testing help us determine the likelihood of whether or not a tile surface could contribute to someone slipping and/or falling.

Then we can recommend the most appropriate tiles with the right slip-resistance for your project.


The DCOF AcuTest® has determined that 0.42 wet is the standard for tile that can be used in potentially wet and level applications.

Download the TCNA DCOF Brochure
  • Where floor tiles have a DCOF lower than 0.42, care must be exercised to ensure the tiles are not walked on while wet
  • DCOF Acutest was introduced in 2012 to replace the SCOF test method
  • Other contributing factors are used to determine if a floor is “slip resistant”
  • The specifier shall determine tiles appropriate for specific project conditions, considering, type of use, traffic, expected contaminants, expected maintenance, expected wear and manufacturers’ guidelines and recommendations