Interceramic Virtual Dream Home

Take a closer look at the Virtual Dream Home with Marianne Cox

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Marianne Cox | Director of Marketing

Interceramic USA

Marianne, who has served as the Director of Marketing for Interceramic USA since February 2015, brings more than 18 years of industry experience to the team. She now leads the Product Development department in addition to her marketing responsibilities. Marianne’s passion for design and innovation helps bring the products to life for homeowners, designers, and dealers. Her customer-perspective approach to merchandising, digital, and face-to-face strategy development plays an integral part toward ensuring our success in enhancing the customer shopping experience at Interceramic.

capture your imagination

The Interview

What are you most excited about sharing with customers through this Virtual Home experience?

I am so excited to showcase our tile and stone products in a way that will inspire YOU, our customers! Whether you are a homeowner building new or remodeling, or a designer crafting a design for a client, our goal is to INSPIRE. We also wanted to go BIG and really showcase how our products can coordinate with each other and make a statement within a room, or become the backdrop. As we started planning the project, we wanted it to be a showcase...very much a DREAM HOME. A place where you can spend hours browsing the home and either validating your design choices, or providing new ideas. It is a complete home...from the moment you walk up to the front door...through every the outdoor spaces. We hope to capture your imagination and get you to dream big. One of the things that sets it apart from any other virtual spaces...each space has two design options. That's right! We've doubled the fun and created two design selections for each room within the home. I have no doubt everyone will find a room they LOVE.

How did you choose your selections for each of the room designs?

This is the most exciting and most challenging part of the process. With two design options for each room, that is a LOT of product selection and coordination. The goal was to show how to COORDINATE and CONTRAST design choices. In some areas, we kept the design more simplistic, and in others we wanted a WOW. We find this to be the hardest part for the homeowner...coordinating...whether it be tile and stone or incorporating decorative accents into the design. Hopefully, our dream home provides the inspiration we hoped for.

Do you have a favorite room in the house? If so, which one and why?

Oh gosh, there are so many! Every time I browse the house or give someone a tour, I fall in love all over again. I have several favorites. If I had to choose, I would say the "child's bathroom" is my favorite, specifically Design A. It showcases Gala and Ripple. It's perfectly adorable for a little girl, yet sophisticated enough for her to love as she gets older.

How do you hope this tool will help inspire customers with their own designs?

We hope our Dream Home gives them the inspiration to achieve their design goals. It's that simple.

What plans does Interceramic have for the Virtual Home in the future?

We're already planning our next virtual space, but I'm not giving any details away just yet. You'll have to come back and find out!

Explore Our Virtual Dream Home

Take a virtual tour of the Interceramic Dream Home. Explore 360 views, interact with new designs in every room and, discover product details to inspire your next project!