Interceramic has been an industry leader in manufacturing innovative ceramic and porcelain tile in North and Central America for over 40 years. The Interceramic brand was founded in Mexico, and has been crafted to become one of the strongest and most well known brands in Central America. In 1994 Interceramic entered the United States market, further cementing global recognition as a leading manufacturer of quality products, with unparalleled service.

At the core of Interceramic’s values is the unwavering commitment to innovation. Since it’s inception, Interceramic has strived to design and create groundbreaking products while maintaining unmatched quality and production standards. The strong decades-long partnerships with European technology, raw material, and design partners ensure that Interceramic will remain at the cutting edge of the industry.

Quality Innovation and Service

The Quality of our product is present in every step of the process from raw materials in manufacturing to the delivery to our customer’s location.

Our People

Our people are, without a doubt, our most important asset. Teamwork in the fulfillment of responsibilities has favored excellence in customer service.

In a healthy and ethical environment, each and every member of the Interceramic family is committed and motivated to face any challenge.

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