Socially Responsible

As a company, we are very aware of the importance of actively participating in the activities of every community in which we operate and we address this involvement with specific development programs that are sustainable and non-dependent. As a Socially Responsible company, we focus our involvement in four specific areas: Work Environment, Ethics, Preservation of the Environment, and Involvement within the Local Community.

Involvement with our Communities

We support our employees throughout corporate and in our showrooms as they demonstrate one of the qualities we find most important, giving back to the community. Their initiative to give back throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia is inspiring. Sunshine on a Ranney Day is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Roswell, GA. We build accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms, in-home therapy rooms and wheelchair ramps/lifts. We offer an expertise and trust to provide home modifications at no cost to the family.

Supporting Families in Need

As a team, Interceramic takes pride in giving back to our local communities through seasonal food drives, donations to the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County, and participation in many other locally sponsored events around the region each year. We are also proud to contribute to non-profit organizations through our floor donations program to provide floor and covering materials for schools, parishes, clinics, and shelters in need of these items.