Digital Technology

Our innovative technology allows us to create the most realistic designs.

Replicating Nature

Pairing digital printing technology with the production of tile allows Interceramic to create designs that mimic the most realistic looks in natural products, like stone, marble and wood, just to name a few. While digital printing technology has become very common in the tile industry, not all designs are equal.

What is digital print technology? Digital printing allows Interceramic to scan pieces of actual marble, stone or wood, to be used as the foundation for beautiful design. Hundreds of pieces can be scanned, allowing for the final look to replicate the infinite beauty found in nature.

The individual pieces create a unique “face”, forming a unique color and design spectrum from one tile to another. A single design can range from having a few unique faces, to have many unique faces, resulting in very little repetition overall. The design is digitally printed on the tile during the production process. When printing at maximum resolution, digital technology creates a cleaner and sharper image than any other
type of printing techniques.

Industry Innovation

Interceramic was the first manufacturer in North America to offer tile using digital print technology. By forging long-standing relationships with the leaders in digital print equipment, Interceramic is able to acquire state-of-the-art technology.

Also, as one of the few manufacturers in North America that prints at the highest resolution, Interceramic captures the true variation found within natural products, and the level of realism in design will confuse even the most noted tile experts.

Digital Technology Brochure

Crafted for Effect

Interceramic first elevated the design of ceramic tile by introducing digital print technology, allowing designs to mimic the most realistic looks in natural products, like stone, marble and wood. Interceramic now brings digitally printed tiles a step closer to reality with LumenFX.

This special process replicates the infinite beauty found in nature by adding distinct and specific highlights to each individual tile. The unique ink creates depth to your space by adding the right touch of reflectivity to the tile’s design.



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